Daniel Edwards Lecture and Tutorial.

Daniel Edwards is the Curator and Frame expert at Derbyshire in London.

Derbyshire are a London based picture framers and fine art fabricators, working with artists, galleries, art collectors, and museums, both nationally and internationally. From a simple oak frame to a multi-part wall mounted display case, it is our goal to find the perfect solution for your needs. http://www.darbyshire.uk.com/

The Lecture titled… Preservation, Presentation and Perception: The importance of finish in contemporary practice.

We were lucky enough that Daniel had come to give a brief lecture about the work he is involved in and the Artists he frames work for. He talked of the importance to find ways to Preserving your work and protecting it from damage from people and the environment. He talked of ways to present your work the best way possible and how it can add value to your work. Daniel said how important it is to think about how you will present the finished piece before it is finished and not to skimp on perfection.

Daniel has been giving advice to some of the Degree students who are about to present their Artwork in the Prism Gallery, he explained some of the problems that can be encountered with the walls and floors and how they can be barriers to presenting your work. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/15120122.Blackburn_College_students_set_up_pop_up_art_gallery_in_town_centre/

We all had the chance to have a tutorial with Daniel and show him our work and get some expert advice on how best to present our pieces. I welcomed this advice as I had a few pieces that I was struggling to decided how to present them. Firstly I showed him my laser cut pieces I had done for my unit five ‘Design for a pendant’.

Daniel really liked them, I explained how I had thought of putting them on royal velvet coloured cushion fabric and placing it in an ornate frame and he reminded me of an anecdote he had used in his talk earlier and showed me how he had presented an Art piece by Gavin Turk of a signed Rich tea biscuit on a simple piece of hessian fabric and a wooden square frame.

He suggested a few ways but what stuck with me was that he liked the fact that I kept the positive and the negative of the laser cut pieces and suggested that I look at box frames playing with the shadow that negative space makes behind it when light flows through and I like that idea.

I also showed him my Laser etched mirror,

Daniel loved that it was a mirror that didn’t work as a mirror and suggested that I play with that idea and frame it as a mirror would be framed or painting a board on the back of it and framing it like a painting but with a inch gap around the mirror and then a simple picture frame and drew me a sketch to explain this in better detail.

I also showed him my Plaster lino casts and he gave me some advice should I make anymore in the future I need to sink a piece of wood in the back of the plaster to fix it to the wall much easier. He then reminded me how he had presented Jamie’s plaster laser cuttings at the exhibition and that is how he suggested I frame mine.

Jamie Holman’s Laser cut Artwork,  framed by Daniel Edwards -Derbyshire London.


It was really nice to meet Daniel Edwards and he has definitely left me with some valuable advice that I will remember and use. It was good to know that he felt inspired to make more Artwork himself after viewing ours and talking to us and I look forward to meeting him again in the future.


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