Reading Group

A book about passion and hope at the waters edge.

I am taking part in a small group trial every Wednesday to help with critique and improving my written language skills. So far I have only attended one session.  The book we are currently reading and discussing is Terminal Chancer silver seasons Atlantic salmon by James Gilbraith. I am at a disadvantage that I have no idea what is going on as I had missed the first session due to attending the making rooms. I have borrowed a copy of the book and will try to catch up at home. In a group Jamie asked us to take some words from a sentence to discuss it.  It was interesting how our ideas of what pictures come to mind with the sentence differed from each other and I think this another way Jamie wants us to think about our work and how people perceive it in different ways. They are hoping to get the author in to talk about his book which will be interesting to see how the author and the book compare and what his inspiration was for writing it. The illustrations in the book are really good and are done by Danny Davidson with 2 Collages done by Christopher Aughton.



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