Experimenting with 3D and Photo Installation.



I wanted to expand my exploration of 3D, Sculpture, Structure and installation, I have seen images of photo installations made by Artists Chloe Ostmo, Jessica De Murro and Annette Messenger that I liked and wanted to incorporate their ideas of Hanging Photographs in a 3D structural form. I evidenced my exploration by taking photographs of my development.

Falling Detail


Jessica De Murro

jessica de muro- eyes detail


Annette Mesenger

Image result for photographic installation


I took some small scale photocopied photo’s and collaged and hung them in front of Black card and experimented with them.

Taking some large Photocopied photographs and a white piece of foam filled card and positioned it with some copper wire to hang the Photographs from.

I took so many photographs while I was experimenting and changing the positions of the photo pieces. I tried to take photographs at every angle. Unfortunately I am struggling to upload them all onto the blog but here are a select few to show my exploration.

Moving on I hope to expand my knowledge of Portrait photography and Photographers and take some Portrait/profile photographs of my Daughters Paige and Taylor.


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