Experimenting with photo montage and Photographic structures.



I printed off some paper photographs I have of my daughters and decided to see what I could create taking inspiration from David Hockney and his photographic collage style.

Image result for Joiner David Hockney Self Portrait

domestic scene

I used the same photographs but as I continued to experiment with them in different arrangements I would cut around the hands or make the photographs smaller. I also tried to raise them and give the photographs height for the 3D effect of photo structure taking photographs as evidence.


I also tried to stand them up and changed the heights of each of the photographs cutting more away around the face.  I also folded and merged the paper photographs together changing the face and expression slightly. I then moved onto some other paper photographs and merged them in Collage effect swapping and changing the positions but trying to align the tiles in the pool etc.

I have had fun attempting the Hockney Joiner collage style mixed with the 3D structure. I had to cut away at pieces and problem solve as I went along. I tried to imagine the Photographs set up on a larger scale in an exhibition and could imagine them curved slightly in a clear Acrylic with back lighting. I want to explore this further.  Moving on I will attempt to hang some of the photographs in a Hockney montage but taking further influence from Chloe Ostmo and Annette Messenger.




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