Working with Alginate to cast faces.

I assisted another student in casting her face with Alginate and then plaster. Firstly she had to ensure all her face was covered in Vaseline including her eyelashes and brows. We cast the bottom half of her face first and then the top half. I was eager to see the results as it is something I am hoping to do with my Twin Girls. I took photographs to document the Method.

It was fun but messy and a shame that we hadn’t thought about covering her hair with a shower or swimming cap but at least we know now for next time.  The chin and mouth came out really well but she was unhappy with the forehead nose and eyes. I thought they turned out really well. Admittedly when you put the two parts together they don’t look very realistic.

I was thinking of casting the whole face with straws coming out of the nose for breathing holes as it doesn’t take very long for the Alginate to set.


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