Tutorial Feedback

I took some photographs of the girls on Saturday just a couple of Profile pictures. Both girls had decided to make themselves look like individuals for the Saturday club and so I thought I would take advantage of their diversity. Paige was wearing makeup and her hair down and Taylor wearing her hair scraped back in a bun and no makeup. They can sometimes go out of their way to look as different from each other as possible.


Pete the Tutor came to see what my idea was for my FMP. I hadn’t really spoken with him before. He looked at the photographs and I told him of my ideas. He gave me some great feedback about what I have done so far and gave me some Artists to look at that may be of interest to research further.

Dianne Arbus

Ron Mueek

Pete also told me about an old painting done in the 1600’s named The Cholmondeley Ladies where at first glance the Symmetry in the painting leads you to believe the twins are totally identical but then when you stop to look at it properly you can see very subtle differences.

I showed Paige and Taylor the picture and they found it fascinating but also were keen to find the differences themselves stating the differences. When I asked them how they felt about being compared they said they didn’t like it and hadn’t realised that they to were comparing the Twins but it was something to keep in mind when they get compared to each other.


British School 17th century, 'The Cholmondeley Ladies' c.1600–10

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