Exploring simple structures that represent the Relationship of Twins.

I took a piece of card that I had been using in my Projections previously and asked the girls to lay down on it so that I could draw around the top half of their bodies in succession to give the appearance of one Twins silhouette behind the other. Not only can this pose be seen in photographs in the past but one of the reasons I didn’t know I was having Twins until much later in pregnancy is because one of them was hidden behind the other and their hearts were beating as one. I thought I would  replicate it as a projection possibility and to add a little something extra I took inspiration from the first Lecture I ever attended which Talked about people making their own Mark on the world with Handprints in caves so I thought the girls could press their handprints over the heart area of the silhouette drawing.

Moving on I will use the Silhouette to do a Wire drawing with and potentially use Tissue paper to cover it and make a 3D form of each of the girls.



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