Full face cast.

I thought it would be a good idea to see what it would be like to use a cast face as a potential Projection Structure. I had hoped to cast Paige and Taylors faces but I felt I couldn’t ask them to do something I hadn’t first tried myself. With the help of Kim, Bill, Vaseline, a shower cap,a waterproof poncho and tubes for my mouth to breathe the Alginate was mixed and the mould of my Face was made.

It took approx 4 mins for the Alginate to set, it was freezing cold when it went on and Kim constantly reassured me and checked the Alginate for when it was set. I tried to keep my breaths deep and long through the straws but I did struggle doing this as i am used to breathing through my nose. After experiencing this for myself i believe that the girls will struggle and perhaps panic so with this in mind I have decided not to cast their faces. I could proceed by casting parts of their faces but I assisted with another student and she didn’t enjoy the experience and was disappointed with her results as well. My first plaster casting wasn’t very successful and the nose broke of I think this was because I hadn’t used enough plaster and so I used more the second and third times..

If I was to do it again I would prefer to do breathing through the nose with the tubes as the straws through the mouth changed the shape of my face and left marks like buck teeth. Moving on I will experiment and use the cast for projection and possibly layer with photographs.





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