Further Image Manipulation for Dramatic Projection Effects.

As I have been exploring manipulated images and exploring Projection on various shapes, colours and 3D structures I have made a conscious decision to take into account what I have learnt from the Artists I have researched and their Manipulations and ideas for projection and capturing a mood with their use of colour and I think they influenced many of my manipulated photographs of the Twins.

James Welling and his use of Colour and Layering of dissimilar images that lead you to look into the image to find the layers of what you are looking at.

Susan Hiller and her manipulations of People in the Auras Photographs, with colour to the point that you can no longer make out faces has also been something I have played with when manipulating my images of the Twins.

Tony Oursler with his use of eyes and mouths as the main Character features to his video projections the fun unique side to his projected characters are captured through the disfigured and distorted weirdness.

I want to capture everything I know about Paige and Taylor, their moods and their unique Relationship that is the weird and wonderful world they live in where sometimes only they exist in their Twin-ship.

Moving on I will be projecting manipulated images onto the wire again but concentrating on the positions of the wire sculptures and placing the Wire sculptures to reflect the images projected onto them.



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