Projection on cubes made from Net Templates.

I constructed some cube’s using a Template similar to this one and measuring the squares 8cm-8cm and slightly larger at 18cm-18cm exploring scale and the effect they can have when used in projection and possibly as a Photo sculpture.

Image result for net cube template

I took the boxes I had constructed into the dark room with the projector and began working them into my projections. Unfortunately due to Technical difficulties with my camera and the fact I still haven’t got used to it the photographs don’t really capture the effect. I had used masking tape and arranged some of the boxes a little higher to capture the 3D effect but it didn’t give the dramatic impact that the light on the wire did and so after a while I decided to concentrate on experimenting further with the wire while still trying to find the right setting on my camera. I did however really like the difference between the Darkness and the white of the boxes. I also found a brown Piece of Cardboard and added that to see the effect that would make. Some of the images didn’t turn out but these are the images that did.







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