Exploring the Relations of identical Twins through Manipulated projections and wire sculpture.

I tried to position the wire sculptures to reflect the images and took all photographs from every vantage point possible. I am really pleased with them, I love how illuminated the wire sculptures are when the light hits them and I did my best to capture their unique relations, their unspoken communication, their personal identity, equality, diversity and unconditional love for each other through all the images. I believe I captured, manipulated, projected and reflected their personalities again with the wire sculpture and could possibly leave people mesmerised much like Paige and Taylor do in life. They have always been like little energetic whirl winds.

I need to discuss where I go from here with my Tutor as I am aware that time is moving on quickly and I don’t want to leave no time for a presentation piece.

I had hoped to experiment further with the Video ‘Continual Cycle’ of Paige and Taylor in the pool but with having to use a Mac and being unable to transport the Video to the USB for use on the Mac this has proved difficult. I will talk this through with my Tutor as well and see if we can find a way around it.

Moving on I will be posting on the Fad page for feedback on a few of the images.


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