Tutorial with Kim and update of work plan so far.

Kim went through with me the Assessment Criteria Targets for unit 7.

  • Build direct relationships between work of the artist and mine.
  • I need to ensure I Evaluate and Analyse Artist work more in my Blogs using visual Language (colour,form, shape, texture, theme, ideas and Process)
  • I need to Update my Tags for the blogs to make sure they are in the correct categories’.
  • I need to think about Presentation and include research on the best ways to present my work.
  • 20170404_104833
  • Capturebbcvfd
  • I also showed Kim the Video interview and we talked about experimenting further with the video on sculpture but I told her of the difficulties I had trying to put the video’s of Paige and Taylor in the pool onto the USB and how it wouldn’t work.
  • Kim suggested I talk to Sean on photography, he may be able to help.

We also had a chat about the final exhibition and if I had made any decisions about what I wanted to exhibit. I described how I was thinking along the lines of full body wire sculptures resembling Paige and Taylor’s movement and using my Video’s and Photographs as references to their natural contact, movement and behaviours that resemble monkeys playing and grooming each other. I love the Manipulated photographs as gallery images in frames but I also thought that because the projections of the Manipulated photographs worked so well it might look good as a slideshow projected onto the Sculpture. I would be manipulating the girls Handstand photographs as a time lapsed photographic animation and perhaps manipulating them so the background disappears and they appear on other manipulated photographs of themselves. I could use the Audio from the video’s in the background.

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