Tutorial with Jamie.

I thought it would be a good idea to check the potential of the continuing cycle inspired videos and look at how they could possibly be used in sculpture . Unfortunately I haven’t had the right tools to enable me to project the video onto the sculpture.

I had a quick Tutorial with Jamie and showed him some of the things I have been working on and showed him the manoeuvre of Paige and Taylor in my kitchen during a photo shoot.


I also went through some of the Videos I had interviewing Paige and Taylor and he said how interesting it was to watch them.

Jamie asked if I had any ideas for My FMP exhibition and asked how I would use the Video’s .  I explained my idea around making a Wire sculpture of the Movement shown in the Photographs and thought about using the Audio from the video’s. I thought I may be able to project the photographs as a mini Animation on manipulated photographs of Paige and Taylor as I had done before, so that I still get the same glowing effect on the wire but with the Audio of the girls speaking in the background. Jamie said he would show me how to do that after the Easter holidays so I need to remind him before we return.


I can’t wait to pull all my ideas together over the next few weeks, starting with the manipulated photographs incorporating the Manoeuvre of Paige and Taylor for the mini animation.


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