La Galleria Nazionale Rome.


During my Visit to Rome I wanted to visit the Museum of Modern Art.

DSC_0205 (2)


I wasn’t sure what to expect but had read some great reviews of the Museum. I took only a few photographs.

The exhibition, whose title quotes a verse from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet—“The time is out of joint”—investigates the notion of time in its fluidity, non-linearity, and stratification; a fragmented time which seems to embody art historian Hans Belting’s dilemma “the end of the history of art, or art’s freedom.”

Antonio Canova

In this exhibition time needs to be realigned, or “set to rights,” by weaving new, unexpected relationships in the symbolic space of the museum in a sort of simultaneous coexistence. These are relationships that shun the orthodox and codified laws of chronology and history (of art), but move free and unencumbered in a sort of anarchy which, as upheld by a certain feminine tradition I embrace, has nothing to do with disorder but invokes something else that comes before rules. Time is Out of Joint offers a dissent, a disobedience, a subversion so natural that as Edmond Jabès describes, it is “one of the privileged moments when our precarious balance is restored” and a tiny opening appears. A point source and a persistence that defeats all chronological certainty and introduces a plastic temporality that behaves like the Higgs boson, depending therefore on our gaze. And in a true work of assembly, with the partiality that every choice or selection entails, it topples chronological historical time; anachronizes past, present and future; and reconstructs and decants a different time, while emphasizing intervals and durations, advances and setbacks. A time rife with faults, fractures, voids, fits and starts, suggesting numerous combinations like those that Time, without hesitation, exposes to the light of day. We move in space through the viewing rooms and the works, where the images are fixed in simultaneous interaction, as if both prequels and sequels: a cinema in reverse, where “photography” or vision plays a key role in crystallizing and withholding tensions so fertile even in their restrained presence. “Time” reveals a cinematographic tempo, a story, a flow of memory, an anticipation of what will be, and tries to resemble us more than an art history text can do.

A linear vision of history is utterly abandoned: in the exhibition rooms artworks are present as sediments of the long life of the museum, and those from different centuries coexist in the same space, from Antonio Canova, Giacomo Balla, Alighiero Boetti, Alberto Burri, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Paul Cézanne, Giorgio De Chirico, Marcel Duchamp, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Giacometti, Francesco Hayez, Gustav Klimt, Joseph Kosuth, Jannis Kounellis, Amedeo Modigliani, Piet Mondrian, Vincent van Gogh to Marion Baruch, Cristina Lucas, Adrian Paci, Alessandro Piangiamore, Luca Rento, Sophie Ristelhueber, Davide Rivalta, Jeff Wall just to mention but a few.


I really loved my visit and the Exhibition was fascinating. I really liked what the collection in the Exhibition represented and the mix of  Ancient and Contemporary sculptures, photography and Paintings.  I was reminded of a lecture in which my Tutor Jamie had said that all Art was Contemporary in the time it was made and I couldn’t agree more. There wasn’t anything that felt out of place.

What I will personally take away from the experience is not to hold back with my exploration in processes and experimentation.





Tutorial with Jamie.

I thought it would be a good idea to check the potential of the continuing cycle inspired videos and look at how they could possibly be used in sculpture . Unfortunately I haven’t had the right tools to enable me to project the video onto the sculpture.

I had a quick Tutorial with Jamie and showed him some of the things I have been working on and showed him the manoeuvre of Paige and Taylor in my kitchen during a photo shoot.


I also went through some of the Videos I had interviewing Paige and Taylor and he said how interesting it was to watch them.

Jamie asked if I had any ideas for My FMP exhibition and asked how I would use the Video’s .  I explained my idea around making a Wire sculpture of the Movement shown in the Photographs and thought about using the Audio from the video’s. I thought I may be able to project the photographs as a mini Animation on manipulated photographs of Paige and Taylor as I had done before, so that I still get the same glowing effect on the wire but with the Audio of the girls speaking in the background. Jamie said he would show me how to do that after the Easter holidays so I need to remind him before we return.


I can’t wait to pull all my ideas together over the next few weeks, starting with the manipulated photographs incorporating the Manoeuvre of Paige and Taylor for the mini animation.

Paige and Taylor’s Twin-ship.


As part of my exploration into the relations of identical Twins and their unspoken communication and unconditional love for each other, I felt it was important to get their perspective on their Twin-ship. So I put together a series of questions and I have Video recorded their answers and reactions.

The questions were derived around various misconceptions about Twins. I didn’t need to ask some of the questions as Paige and Taylor had already covered them with some of their expansion on the answers.


Paige and Taylor Twin Perspective




Tutorial with Kim and update of work plan so far.

Kim went through with me the Assessment Criteria Targets for unit 7.

  • Build direct relationships between work of the artist and mine.
  • I need to ensure I Evaluate and Analyse Artist work more in my Blogs using visual Language (colour,form, shape, texture, theme, ideas and Process)
  • I need to Update my Tags for the blogs to make sure they are in the correct categories’.
  • I need to think about Presentation and include research on the best ways to present my work.
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  • Capturebbcvfd
  • I also showed Kim the Video interview and we talked about experimenting further with the video on sculpture but I told her of the difficulties I had trying to put the video’s of Paige and Taylor in the pool onto the USB and how it wouldn’t work.
  • Kim suggested I talk to Sean on photography, he may be able to help.

We also had a chat about the final exhibition and if I had made any decisions about what I wanted to exhibit. I described how I was thinking along the lines of full body wire sculptures resembling Paige and Taylor’s movement and using my Video’s and Photographs as references to their natural contact, movement and behaviours that resemble monkeys playing and grooming each other. I love the Manipulated photographs as gallery images in frames but I also thought that because the projections of the Manipulated photographs worked so well it might look good as a slideshow projected onto the Sculpture. I would be manipulating the girls Handstand photographs as a time lapsed photographic animation and perhaps manipulating them so the background disappears and they appear on other manipulated photographs of themselves. I could use the Audio from the video’s in the background.

Exploring the Relations of identical Twins through Manipulated projections and wire sculpture.

I tried to position the wire sculptures to reflect the images and took all photographs from every vantage point possible. I am really pleased with them, I love how illuminated the wire sculptures are when the light hits them and I did my best to capture their unique relations, their unspoken communication, their personal identity, equality, diversity and unconditional love for each other through all the images. I believe I captured, manipulated, projected and reflected their personalities again with the wire sculpture and could possibly leave people mesmerised much like Paige and Taylor do in life. They have always been like little energetic whirl winds.

I need to discuss where I go from here with my Tutor as I am aware that time is moving on quickly and I don’t want to leave no time for a presentation piece.

I had hoped to experiment further with the Video ‘Continual Cycle’ of Paige and Taylor in the pool but with having to use a Mac and being unable to transport the Video to the USB for use on the Mac this has proved difficult. I will talk this through with my Tutor as well and see if we can find a way around it.

Moving on I will be posting on the Fad page for feedback on a few of the images.

Experimenting further with projection.

As part of the experimental process and my development with this project I took  the Manipulated projections and Photographs and experimented further with projecting onto the wire sculptures, Plaster face cast and paper Cubes. This time the Projector ws set up in a special dark room with blacked out walls.

You can see the development in the photographs from beginning to end and I had some trouble with capturing the camera settings as it wouldn’t always pick up on what I was seeing in the room. After I played about with the settings, trying auto, manual and effect it was clear that the best setting to capture the dramatic colour and effect on the wire was the effect setting on the camera that I hadn’t used before.

I really wanted the camera to relay what I could see in the room and some of the manipulated images were so effective that I could feel the drama and mesmerizing spirit of my Twins relationship in the room, especially the ones that capture Paige and Taylor falling out.

I tried moving the wire sculptures to the positions of the faces so that it would look like the sculptures were coming out of the photographs.

I attempted to project onto the plaster casting of my face but positioning the cast was difficult and as I was working on my own it wouldn’t stand upright and the projector struggled to reach it properly without me holding it which was difficult then to take the picture. I decided quite quickly that I didn’t like it and so dismissed it along with the cubes that I had attempted to use.

After having a long series of photographs where the images were not coming out I tried various modes on my camera and the photographs were finally showing the effect that was created in the room.

Moving on I will post some of my images onto the Fad page for feedback and return tomorrow.

It gets very hot in the room and I am constantly moving around into different positions to get the right angles. I love the photographs that I have done today showing my development as the day went on. Hopefully tomorrow I can create some more equally Dramatic. I noticed the brighter more colour filled the images projected were the more dramatic the effect was on the wire. I will go home tonight and add some more colour to some manipulations tonight ready for tomorrow.