Work Plan update.






Message Jamie regarding assistance with Audio.


Tutorial with Kim about what I will need for the FMP Projection, sculpture and Audio Exhibition piece. Research Presentation methods for exhibition.

Update planner, Finish Blog Posts for Rome and School visit.







Draw around girls to initiate sculpture process and take measurements.


Start making Wire sculptures of Paige and Taylor.






Deadline final piece FMP








Hang Exhibition ( prep studio)






Organise Exhibition Shop.

27/5/17 Spring Bank Holiday. Check blog, Bibliography, Work plan.


5/6/17 Assessment Unit 7 Submit work. Hang Exhibition

Submit blog link, submission pack (including authentication form, work plan, proposal, evaluation and bibliography)




21/6/17 Opening Night. Exhibition Private View 21/6/17 Stays open for 2 weeks.





Tutorial with Jamie.

I thought it would be a good idea to check the potential of the continuing cycle inspired videos and look at how they could possibly be used in sculpture . Unfortunately I haven’t had the right tools to enable me to project the video onto the sculpture.

I had a quick Tutorial with Jamie and showed him some of the things I have been working on and showed him the manoeuvre of Paige and Taylor in my kitchen during a photo shoot.


I also went through some of the Videos I had interviewing Paige and Taylor and he said how interesting it was to watch them.

Jamie asked if I had any ideas for My FMP exhibition and asked how I would use the Video’s .  I explained my idea around making a Wire sculpture of the Movement shown in the Photographs and thought about using the Audio from the video’s. I thought I may be able to project the photographs as a mini Animation on manipulated photographs of Paige and Taylor as I had done before, so that I still get the same glowing effect on the wire but with the Audio of the girls speaking in the background. Jamie said he would show me how to do that after the Easter holidays so I need to remind him before we return.


I can’t wait to pull all my ideas together over the next few weeks, starting with the manipulated photographs incorporating the Manoeuvre of Paige and Taylor for the mini animation.

Tutorial with Kim and update of work plan so far.

Kim went through with me the Assessment Criteria Targets for unit 7.

  • Build direct relationships between work of the artist and mine.
  • I need to ensure I Evaluate and Analyse Artist work more in my Blogs using visual Language (colour,form, shape, texture, theme, ideas and Process)
  • I need to Update my Tags for the blogs to make sure they are in the correct categories’.
  • I need to think about Presentation and include research on the best ways to present my work.
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  • I also showed Kim the Video interview and we talked about experimenting further with the video on sculpture but I told her of the difficulties I had trying to put the video’s of Paige and Taylor in the pool onto the USB and how it wouldn’t work.
  • Kim suggested I talk to Sean on photography, he may be able to help.

We also had a chat about the final exhibition and if I had made any decisions about what I wanted to exhibit. I described how I was thinking along the lines of full body wire sculptures resembling Paige and Taylor’s movement and using my Video’s and Photographs as references to their natural contact, movement and behaviours that resemble monkeys playing and grooming each other. I love the Manipulated photographs as gallery images in frames but I also thought that because the projections of the Manipulated photographs worked so well it might look good as a slideshow projected onto the Sculpture. I would be manipulating the girls Handstand photographs as a time lapsed photographic animation and perhaps manipulating them so the background disappears and they appear on other manipulated photographs of themselves. I could use the Audio from the video’s in the background.

Tutorial with Kim and updated Work plan.

We discussed the possibility to explore the effect of using the wire drawing structures of the Twins in projection and using the manipulated photographs. I had planned to cover the Structures in Tissue paper but when I finished them I decided against it. I will explore the effect of using them further with a planned session on Thursday. I will be having my face cast today and we discussed the potential of casting Paige and Taylors half faces and mixing them up.  This is Planned for Monday the 10th April.

Capture plan 2

Researching Projection and sculpture.

This week I am hoping to experiment with Projection in a sculptural form and I was advised to look at Contemporary Artist Tony Oursler and I watched the following film on you tube to inspire me.

Although born in 1957 and residing in New York City ever since, Tony Oursler has graduated from the probably most famous art college of the West Coast, the California Institute for the Arts – the one that has proved of such an import for artists of his generation. Interviewed, he refers to the impact exerted upon him by artists such as Jonathan Borofsky, John Baldessari, Judy Pfaff, or Laurie Anderson – then lecturing at the ‘Cal Art’. Himself does he suggest certain interpretative traces to art historians, recalling the literary connections of his family, and, a Catholic background. He too mentions the influence of television, particularly, the MTV, a station whose special effects play a considerable role and to which artists of his generation have contributed.

Tony Oursler animates non-living objects with the use of projectors. Classified, along with Bill Viola, Bruce Nauman, Gary Hill and the like artists, among the most outstanding video creators, he has employed this technique in a totally different manner. In his works, a motion picture filmed with a video-camera is projected with a projector functioning on a laterna-magica basis as in the 19th-century theatre. The viewer does not stare at a rectangular screen, rather, s/he can see before him or her enlivened flowers, giant eye-balls, or puppets – talking, swearing at one another, quarrelling, and using coarse expressions. The contrast between the immovable, ‘dead’ bodies of the dolls and the aggressive, vulgar language not spared by their ‘talking heads’ add up to an unexpected dramatic power of this show.

With a multi-century tradition consciously referred to, Oursler’s is a puppet theatre of some sort – having more to do, indeed, with a frame of mind and emotion than a narrative. In my use of narrative techniques, says the artist, I always wanted to get my spectator entrapped, build up a certain structure with which one could play, and build on. However, as is the case with my ‘actors’, also my narrative does incessantly get destroyed. The longer I study narrative structures, the stronger is my conviction that no such thing exists. Whatever we could name a ‘narrative’ is, essentially, no structure, rather a mental or physical disposition of theviewer/reader.

Over the years Tony Oursler has projected on peoples bodies, Flowers, cow organs, smoke, Tree’s, building, water, dolls, Glass, plexi glass and Dummies. Tony says it was a natural inclination to break the face up and see what happens much like cubism and the process Hackney uses in his Collage’s.  Tony likes to take different things that have existed in his mind and put them together in a physical concrete space. Tony uses Technology as his Palette like a painter uses paint. I really enjoyed watching the Art in Progress film about Tony and It will inspire some of my work with projections this week. I have been left thinking about the different forms I can project my Continuous cycle film of the Twins onto. I know I will have fun experimenting and I am looking forward to it.